WebTotem 2.0

Hey Folks! We truly hope that you enjoy using WebTotem.

We have developed a WebTotem 2.0, which will provide even higher protection for your website.

Check out WebTotem 2.0: https://wtotem.com

✨ What’s new?

1. Improved UX/UI. We have applied the best practices of the modern UX. It allows the security be more transparent and easy to understand even for the beginners.

2. Consolidated dashboard. Don’t waste time looking for the right status. All statuses are now gathered in one place.

3. Comprehensive report page. Review out all scanning details within one click.

4. Cyber risk assessment. Measure your security and compliance risks in an actionable and easily consumable manner. Spot your stolen or leaked credentials & other confidential information on the Dark Web.

5. Fixed notifications. Less false positives and annoying alerts. ???? We are highly thankful to you and we would like to ask you for your support in the future development of website security.

We are aiming towards creating one simple solution for the website security.

Join us in our journey.

We wish you and family to stay strong and healthy

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