WebTotem is a SaaS which provides powerful tools for securing and monitoring your website in one place in easy and flexible way.
It supports all modern types of notifications to get alerted when incidents occur.

Why Webtotem?

Tired of tracking and being up‑to‑date with security updates for your website platform?

Want to know if your site has been blacklisted in Google/Yandex search results?

Want to be notified of website availability issues immediately on your phone?

Constantly paying an unfair amount of money to a tech company that takes action only if your website is not available?

What if instead of fixing the aftermaths of break-ins, you could prevent attacks in the first place?

Tired of being defaced by hacker groups whose actual target has nothing to do with you and your website?

Want to be sure if your website visitors aren’t being phished or harmed in any way?

Our Features

Security Updates

If you are using CMS platform for your website we’ll let you know about new security issues by looking up into complete vulnerablity databases and remind you to update the platform with a newer version.

Domain monitoring

Ensure that your domain is never lost through failing to renew it or by it being hijacked. We alert when it’s time to renew, or if your domain name records have been changed.

Malware Scanning

Ensure that your website hasn’t been infected with trojans, viruses, malware or other malicious threats that could cause harm to your website visitors. WebTotem virus scan alerts you the moment a threat is detected.

Deface monitoring

Get instantly alerted if your website is being defaced.


Be aware if your domain/ip is listed in one of the known black lists (e.g.Google, Safebrowsing).

Web App. Firewall

Prevent attackers from hacking your website. When a hacker attempts to exploit possible vulnerability on your website our WAF tool recognizes this suspicious behaviour and immediately blacklists his ip making it harder to proceed.

SSL monitoring

Never forget to renew your certificate with our SSL Monitoring.

Port scanning

Be up to date with the state of open TCP/UDP ports on server hosting your website. We let you know when new ports occur open.

Vulnerability Scanning

Secure your website from being hacked by regularly scanning the source code for "shells" and "backdoors" injected by attackers. Our Vulnerability Scanner tool has plenty of signatures and smartly detects potentially vulnerable code. It will also notify you of unsanctioned code changes.

Uptime monitoring

Ensure that your website is available from all over the world as often as every minute.

Detailed Reports

Get detailed statistics and reports in PDF, CSV or XML format.

Remote security control

  • Watch your safety
  • Get instant notifications
  • Be mobile and flexible


> 130 000
Over 130k websites are being monitored every minute 24/7
> 33 000
Over 33k malwares and 2k defaces have been detected
> 3 000
Over 3k attacks have been prevented
Most of our clients use Drupal, WordPress, Laravel, Joomla

How it works?

Sign up and type in your website domain
Sign up and type in your website domain
Adjust the alerts you want to get
Adjust the alerts you want to get
Keep calm and don’t forget to be awesome
Keep calm and don’t forget to be awesome

Who we are?

Our team is among the best ones in penetration testing in Central Asia region

Private CERT

1st place in the StandOff at the international hacking conference PHDays2017



Our clients

Ministry of Digital Development, Defence And Aerospace Industry of The Republic of Kazakhstan
Center For Analysis And Investigation of Cyber Attacks


We are proud to be a part of the program in one of the best Europen accelerator, supported by Estonian Ministry of Defence!