WebTotem Updates : December 2022

Hi, WebTotem users!

Here some latest updates to our product that we wanted to share with you.

Modules improvements:

  • Deface module searching for key words and website scanning was improved to keep you alerted if a hacker has changed your website content to mislead the website’s visitors.
  • Scoring module now gives more precise grade to the website security. Don’t forget that you can check your website with our Scoring module without agents installed.

WebTotem WordPress Plugin:

  • Added the Country Blocking feature: choose what Country, Countries or Region to block.
  • Added WP scan page. It includes logs of user actions, logs on found links, scripts and iFrames.

Some bugs were also fixed:

  • Issues with caching that led to some unsaved changes.
  • Some landing bugs with text, windows and behavior.

Quick reminder!

You can apply for Web-Application Penetration Testing, WebTotem Awareness and WebTotem Load Testing Services at our website to find vulnerabilities and ensure better security of your infrastructure.

Thank you for using WebTotem!

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