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Are you positive your employees know the basics of cyber security hygiene and will not become easy targets for phishing attacks? Are you a hundred percent sure they are not using the corporate email address on shady websites, jeopardising your company data, reputation, and money? 

Data breaches are one of the biggest issues in corporate security today. Reputational damage, operational time slowdown, money loss, and lots of stress – those are the consequences of not staying up to date with cybersecurity awareness rules. 

Even if you think that your employees are highly educated in the security field and never would they ever do something careless, please take into account that social engineering is the ever-evolving concept. So, why wait until something bad happens? Take action today and arm your employees with skills to protect your company. 

As they say, better safe than sorry. 

In WebTotem, we are on a mission to make the cyber world a safer place. That is why we created a powerful yet easy-to-fall-in-love-with educational platform – WebTotem Awareness. WebTotem Awareness is your go-to solution to increase the knowledge in the field of information security of your employees. With our platform, you will protect your employees, your clients, your company, and – your peace of mind. 

Cyber Security Awareness: A Necessity For Your Enterprise

Personnel is the weakest point in the cybersecurity infrastructure of the organisation. Not always because of carelessness, but because of human nature: we are prone to mistakes, especially, when we are busy with workflow, tired, or triggered to make impulsive decisions. Consider the following scenarios:

1. Your CFO gets an email from the email address that looks like a C-level executive address in your company. In this email, she is asked to make a transfer to your business partners your company has been working with for a long time. You CFO obeys and transfers that money. Sounds hard to believe? Guess what: the widespread malware practice is to send out hundreds of fake invoices, let’s say, for postal services, from random (!) address to random (!) companies and to hope some of them will get executed – and some of them are. Now think again about that email “from” a C-level executive. 

2. Your employee gets to work and wants to enter your company website. In the morning rush, he misspells the name of your business without noticing it and fills in his credentials to log into a fake website that looks just like your authentic website. Now the hackers may get access to your company’s sensitive data.

3. Your employee gets an email that says the user has been hacked and needs to follow their instructions to prevent any consequences.

And there are many, many examples like that. How many, would you ask? Okay, let’s talk numbers: millions of organizations are attacked by cybercriminals every day. Global reports show that in fact, 93% of successful security breaches start with phishing.

While companies may think their employees are immune to attacks such as phishing, cybercriminals continue to use this attack method because it continues to deliver the expected success. Hackers prefer social engineering because it’s much easier to hack a human than a business. They play on many emotions and relationships to get us to hastily take action.

Still thinking your employees are smarter than that? Then consider the outrageous phishing campaign that took place towards Facebook and Google between 2013 and 2015 and brought those companies $100 million damage. BTW, did you know it can take ten interviews, to get a job at Google? 

Hackers are Raising the Bar for Cyber Security: You Should Too

Social engineering attacks are the most dangerous because they are impossible to predict. Cybercriminals have become so sophisticated that it is already difficult to distinguish truth from fake. In attacks using social engineering methods, no firewalls or security systems can help prevent data theft. Even if the organization has the best information security specialists and cyber defense systems, it may turn out that hackers have obtained sensitive data.

The good news is that the more your employees know about cyber hygiene and possible attack scenarios, the less likely they will fell victim to the attackers. 

Unfortunately, most organizations do not provide training for their employees. Yet it is necessary to educate your employees about the scale of the consequences of negligence or ignorance of information security requirements.

Ongoing cybersecurity education and training for employees is a must to keep your organization safe. Remember, people are the weakest link in the information security.

WebTotem Security Awareness: Powerful Educational Tool for Your Employees

To prevent the attacks, companies need to train their employees on what attack types exist and how to recognize them. WT Security Awareness is a tool designed to raise the level of cyber security awareness among company employees. Our product will teach your employees to work safely so you can avoid large-scale and costly data leaks.

During the training process, we offer tests to identify the level of current knowledge of your employees, and then, in an interactive, non-boring way, we teach them and raise their level of cyber security awareness.

WT Security Awareness is based on three key principles: regular training, the relevance of educational content, and realistic testing in practice.

As a result of the training, the number of opened phishing emails in an organization is reduced by 80%, on average. Therefore, the possibility of successful implementation of malicious attacks is reduced significantly.

WT Security Awareness Key Features

  • Proven performance

User error accounts for up to 90% of successful hacks. With virtual training, you can significantly reduce the chances of intruders to succeed.

  • Permanent protection

Continuous user training ensures that your employees are up to date with the latest and current attack methods.

  • Fully featured phishing simulator

By launching realistic phishing mock attacks, you can accurately track the real responses of users and then raise awareness of specific users accordingly.

  • Simplicity and completeness

In a friendly manner, our product will educate your employees on how to protect sensitive data they have access to, what actions to take if they suspect a malware attack, and the many other aspects of modern cyber hygiene demands. 

  • Fun&interactive experience 

No more boring presentation slides: our platform will keep your employees engaged! WT Security Awareness is so realistic and fun that it doesn’t feel like forced learning.

During training with WT Security Awareness, employees acquire the necessary skills to:

  • protect their data online and offline;
  • promptly recognize malicious emails;
  • quickly identify dangerous sites;
  • choose strong passwords effectively;
  • make the hackers lives much more difficult.

Why We Stand By Our Awareness Solution and We Know You Will Love it Too

• Behind the product is the team of leading experts in the field of cyber security, winners of numerous competitions (Choice of Global innovation through science and technology supported by the US government, The best SaaS & B2B solution at the Echelon Asia Summit in Singapore in 2018, Top 3 on Latitude, Top3 on Emerge, certified information security specialists OSCP, CEH, CHFI, CISA, ISO 27001).

• Most of the preliminary test questions are case-based. Our platform provides problem-based learning, so your employees gain skills in critical thinking, therefore, minimising the risk of hacker attacks be successful. That is extremely important since the types of cyber malware are constantly evolving. 

• The platform includes a built-in up-to-date library of ready-to-use phishing email templates, as well as customisable options.

• Metrics are an integral part of WT Security Awareness, with a complete analytics system to help administrators track user progress and identify users who might need additional training.

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