WebTotem or how we want to make the internet safer

The Idea

Every day hackers infect more than 30,000 websites in the world. On the internet we see websites hacks as we have seen sex epidemic in the 80s. Nobody uses basic protection. That is the main reason why many of us get spam and phishing emails, download viruses from hacked websites or see inappropriate ads.

In 2017 our team started developing a tool for monitoring the whole cyberspace in national network which includes about 140 000 websites.

We have had some good experience in providing information security audits around the world and we have been taking the first places in international hacking competitions for the last three years. It was decided to invest our knowledge in the development of a useful product.

The challenge was accepted: It was necessary to check frequently each website for the presence of hack traces and viruses on it and display the status dashboard in a convenient form for our users.

At this stage we faced a lot of problems and reworked our architecture at least 3 times to create a flexible and highly-optimized platform.

When we calculated the expenses for monitoring and protecting a single website, we realized that it costs us only 0.0025 dollars per month (*Hardware cost)

There have been various paid solutions on the market for 10 years such as Cloudflare, Sucuri, Sitelock, etc. But, less than 3 percent of all the websites in the world use paid security service. People are not willing to pay even a dollar for the safety of their resource. That’s why we decided to provide our solution to all individual website owners for free.

We make money by providing additional services to enterprise clients (Load testing, information security outsourcing, helping with treatments etc.)

Our goal: We want to be the first, who you would contact with in case of a cyber incident.

The Product

For over 2 years our system has grown to the full-fledged platform with 9 modules, which are useful for ordinary website owners.

Monitoring modules:

  • Website uptime monitoring during a day/week/month
  • Checking the installed SSL-certificates for validity and expiration
  • Collecting information about website platform (CMS, OS version etc.)
  • Checking the presence of defaces on the website
  • Checking the site according to reputation databases (VirusTotal, Spamhaus. etc)
  • Collecting information about the domain and expiration date of its registration
  • Open ports scanner

The Protection Modules:

  • Antivirus for backdoors and web shells (php agent script);
  • Web Application Firewall (OWASP ModSec CRS + CMS-specific Rules, comes as php-script (for shared hosting clients) and Nginx plugin for servers).

The mobile application

And of course, thing we always brag about is mobile application that allows you to monitor and track the security of your website via mobile phone

WebSite | iOS version | Android version

The Current Plans

At this moment there are 20 members in our team and the startup is registered in Estonia, where from we are scaling to the EU market

We already have 1000 users from all over the world and the coming traffic is mostly from the events, where we participated thanks to Startup Wise Guys acceleration program.

As for our plans for June:

  1. Plugin for Plesk panel (for webhosting providers)

2. Plugin for WordPress

How are we different from our competitors?

We are focused on the idea, that each website owner has the right to protect their work, and this is the main reason why we tried to develop our product as useful and user-friendly for non-technical guys.

We combined all the necessary tracking metrics and security modules in one place. Understanding the crucial importance of timely notifications, we developed our mobile application with push-notifications. And all of this is for free thanks to our cost-efficient and flexible infrastructure.

And who we are

We are a group of practical ethical hackers passionate about cyber security, who have been winning international hacking competitions for the last three years.

The Partnership

We would be glad to cooperate with you, if you are:

  • Hosting provider with Plesk panel
  • CMS platform owner
  • Sundar Pichai and you want to add us to Google Webmasters
  • your choice =)

Leave comments, register and write your thoughts. If you have any suggestions for collaboration, feel free to contact us.

Security has never been so accessible and easy!

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