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WordPress, since its initial release back in 2003, has become the most popular CMS for everyone looking to build a website. In fact, almost 30% of the entire internet runs on WordPress. That is more than 75 milion websites.

Standout in the hosting world: provide your clients with wholesome cyber security solution and make yourself a go-to destination when it comes to secure hosting environment.


More and more websites owners are getting concerned about security and actively looking for solution
If YOU don't provide this solution, your competitor will.

Why leave money on the table?
And keep in mind that any malfunction of your client's website could damage YOUR reputation

Solution, our
value proposition

We will monitor, clean and guard your clients' websites in a fast and reliable way. Whether you client needs the world's most-inclusive cybersecurity protection for the website or just wants a quick check-up, we give you tools to satisfy them all. And, yes, we have lucrative bulk order Discount Policy
Get extra income stream: commission from selling our security product to your clients!

Wondering how it will look on your page? We got your back!
Take a sneak peak

More than 88% of websites are vulnerable.
Check yours now! Fill in your website to get a free* quick report
*free report will be available in one hour. Full report is included in every package and is delivered straight to your email box within 24 hours. Download the Sample of Full Report here

Choose your plan

  • security check-up
  • scoring
  • WAF
delivered in 24 hours
  • security check-up
  • scoring
  • WAF
  • our specialists will fix problems uncovered during your website scanning
  • one hour on-demand consultation with cyber security specialist
  • three month subscription to webtotem with monthly regular check-ups
delivered in 24 hours
  • full security audit
  • scoring
  • WAF
  • our specialists will fix problems uncovered during your website scanning
  • three on-demand hour consultation with cyber security specialist
  • six month subscribtion to WebTotem with monthly regular check-ups
  • consultation with cybersecurity specialist
delivered in 24 hours

Up-to date, AI-advanced technology of scanning PLUS manual check of every report by security analyst

EARN $25 000- $1000 000 monthly while protecting your clients from cyber threats!

Imagine you lost your webpage for a day.

Scary, no?
Protect your website
Protect your business reputation
Protect your peace of mind

Become an affiliate today! Contact us and we will get in touch ASAP!

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