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Manual installation agent manager



Minimum requirements for the correct
operation of the modules:

  • php 7.0
  • php-sodium

Recommended Requirements:

  • php 7.4
  • php-gmp
  • php-sodium

Add site

Add your site. Confirm that the selected protocol is correct.

Add site


Select your site in your account, go to the firewall or antivirus module and click on the “INSTALL” button


Installation wizard

In the window that opens, click on the “INSTALL AGENT“ button. Note that all agents will be installed together.


in the modal window that appears, select the installation method - manually download the file or automatically via FTP / SFTP.

  • To download automatically, enter the FTP / SFTP information for your server.
  • For manual installation, click on the text Download agent

Manual or Automatic

Upload files

Upload the resulting file to the server in the root directory of the site, in the shared directory so that it is available at:[agent_name].am.php. This could be, for example, the directory /var/www/html/site

Note: no need to change the name of the loaded agent manager!


Give permissions to edit the downloaded file to the user who runs PHP. To find out which user php is running from, you need to find the PHP configuration file, for example, in /etc/php/fpm/pool.d/www.conf It has a www section and user and group values.

user = www-data
group = www-data

The PHP interpreter usually runs on behalf of www-data or apache. Typically, a file is uploaded on behalf of the FTP / SFTP user. Then you need to change the owner of the file, for example:

chown www-data: www-data [your_agent_name].am.php

And give write permissions to this file (for owner and group):

chmod 664 [your_agent_name].am.php

Grant write permissions to the root directory and to the index.php file for the user PHP is running from.

For example, if the root directory is called “site”: give write permissions to index.php

chown www-data:www-data index.php
chmod 664 index.php

then go to the directory above and give write permissions to “site” directory:

cd ../
chown www-data:www-data site
chmod 775 site


If you use a special web hosting control panel, then you can go to the attributes (or settings) of these files and also configure the rights

For ISPmanager:

Go to the root directory of the site, select the necessary files, go to the attributes and set the rights

Upload files

Upload files

Permissions for index.php

ISPmanagerPermissions for agent manager php file

For DirectAdmin:

Hover over the root directory or the file you need, select “Set Permissions“ in the menu that appears, and give rights


DirectAdminPermissions for main directory

DirectAdminPermissions for index file

DirectAdminPermissions for agent manager php file

For Plesk:

Hover over the folder you need, index.php or the downloaded agent manager, click on the area, select “Change permissions“ and set the necessary


Then, return to the page where WebTotem is open and wait until the downloads of Antivirus and Firewall are finished


When the agents are successfully installed


A window should appear that reports that the agents have been successfully installed. To continue, click on the “HOME“ button



During manual installation, the agent manager was uploaded to the root directory of the site, but the antivirus and firewall are not installed

Check the version of your PHP, at the moment, versions below 7.0 are not supported by our agent manager, however we plan to do this

If you have an old version of PHP, we recommend that you upgrade for your own safety.

Check if you issued the rights correctly for the root directory (777), index.php and for the agent manager (666)

Make sure that you correctly added the site to your account (check the HTTP or HTTPS protocol)

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