WebTotem Antivirus Scans automatically every 12 hours and on demand.
Antivirus scans all website files and detects changed files, deleted files and infected files.
Infected files are the files with malware and are highlighted in red. You can sort them out among all files by choosing the filter «Infected files».


How does Basic Malware Removal work?
When antivirus detects malware, you can isolate the problem with one click. Just click the trash button beside an infected file.

The program quarantines the file by encrypting the malicious file, changing the name of the object and blocking access to it. The file remains in the same directory, but the content and name changes. If you accidentally deleted an important file, then it is possible to get it back, also with one click. The file name is decrypted and it is restored.

For example:
"In quarantine"
with encrypted content.

And back:
"From quarantine" /wp-content/uploads/wso.php
with decrypted content.

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