WebTotem Updates : November 2022

Our team is continually developing the product and we wanted to share with you what was done.

We have launched a survey regarding our Antivirus module and we will be grateful to receive your feedback. It can be accessed through the dashboard.

Web cabinet improvements:

We have made a few improvements on how our dashboards look.

  • Tabs views are modular now to load information charts and blocks apart from each other.
  • Rounded the edges throughout the system.
  • Fixes to the spelling, text overflow and alignment in several parts of the dashboards.
  • When adding the website, you no longer need to change the HTTP to HTTPS.
  • Improvements to the fonts and text colours.
  • Added hover effect to all buttons in the system.
  • Availability per-day block under the chart now gives more information and starts from the right edge.
  • Changing the time-zone now affects all dates and time in the system.
  • Added more colours to the availability circle.
  • Updated some tooltips.
  • Monthly/Yearly graphs are now not available if your website was added less than Month/Year ago.

Our modules:

  • We’ve improved the performance of the Antivirus module by refactoring files ordering during the scanning.
  • Server Resources module was also updated to show more precise server information.
  • We have improved our CMS (Technologies) module efficiency and functionality. Now it allows you to see the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) related to the technologies you use on your website. Don’t forget to address it if it finds one.

Reports generation:

  • Response time is now presented in milliseconds and seconds.

WordPress Plugin

  • We’ve fixed the issue with toggles not saved after refreshing the page and now all settings are working properly.
  • To make notifications more visible, new pop-up notifications are live now.
  • Our 2FA feature now covers all WordPress users of the website to make sure everyone is protected.

Please feel free to send us an email to support@wtotem.com to share some ideas or bugs to fix.

Thank you for using WebTotem!

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