WebTotem @TechCrunch Disrupt 2020

As we wrote before, this year we made a cut to be among finalists at TechCrunch Disrupt – major startup conference, where thousands of startups from all over the world gather to exchange their experiences, show themselves to potential investors and, overall, keep the spirits of creativity and entrepreneurship high, no matter what.

TechCrunch is a major American online publication founded in 2005. It focuses on startups, technology, Internet business and innovation. It organises one of the largest and most anticipated technology conferences – TechCrunch Disrupt.

Cybersecurity solutions at TechCrunch Disrupt 2020

This year, the conference took place 100% digitally. While this new format has its restrictions, the online nature of the startup competition attracted thousands of startups to pitch their product and apply for being selected as the TopPick. Only twenty startups were selected to receive this honour. Yours truly, WebTotem, – is one of these twenty.

WebTotem received the title of TechCrunch Top Picks in the field of Cybersecurity. TechCrunch Disrupt was intrigued by WebTotem capacity to monitor the security status of web resources 24/7 and notify immediately about existing vulnerabilities.

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Apart from WebTotem, two other a spiring startups were selected as TopPicks in the cybersecurity category – Hummingbirds AI and Allthenticate.

Founded just this year in Seattle, Washington, Hummingbirds AI offers a solution that helps to make your home safe by keeping absolutely all your data secured in your home. From cameras to the intelligence system called Do+Bushi – your home protects your data like no one did before.

Another eye-catching project is Allthenticate. Headquartered in Santa Barbara, the goal of this company is to get rid of passwords and keys. The team created a product that enables seamless authentication in both the physical and digital worlds, unifying the management of these credentials into one easy-to-use interface. The solution is perfect for large companies with a lot of corporate data to be secured.

Definitely each of these startups is very interesting and aims to make this world a better place and contribute to the development of the information technology sector.

Our presentation at TechCrunch Disrupt was another big step towards our goal of promoting a secure cyberspace for all users of web resources. You can watch a two-minute WebTotem presentation here.

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