Announcing WebTotem+Zapier Integration

We are delighted to announce that our integration with Zapier is now live! The integration allows you to easily connect your WebTotem account to thousands (really? yep!) of other apps to make your WebTotem experience even smoother. Connecting to other tools can help automate your workflow and save you many hours. 

TL;DR Now you can connect your WebTotem account to 3,000+ Apps

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Zapier is a service that basically helps all of your apps work together by moving data between all of them. When information is moved, this is called a “Zap”, and this connection between two or more apps is what helps create an automated workflow.

Do you want to send Gmail emails for new infected files finding in WebTotem? Send channel messages in Slack for new last scans in WebTotem? Create Trello cards from new infected files? You can do that and so much more now.

Zapier integration helps you automate tedious tasks on your way to provide the best security level to your online assets. 

Have a question about getting started? We’d be happy to help! Drop a line to 

At WebTotem, we work hard to protect protect your web pages from emerging cyber threats and monitor their security 24/7. Help us make the Internet a safer place: follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and spread the world. 

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