Helicopter View of Your Applications Security
Continuous monitoring & OSINT discovery of your external web assets

Manage assets hackability risk assessment
Well-Informed Defense
Easy Setup & Low Maintenance / Intelligence Driven
Rapid and Non-Intrusive


Leverage our scalable dedicated cloud infrastructure or use it on your own cloud-native premises.

We reduced the response incident time from 30 days to 1 day
We are monitoring nearly 140 000 web-sites and obtaining all information about cyber attacks for our clients


Uptime checks

Ensure availability of websites as often as every minute

Expiring Domains & SSL Certificates

Get reminded when it’s time to renewal

Blacklists Entrance

Be aware if your domain/ip is listed in one of the known reputation feeds

Malware Scan

Ensure that your websites hasn’t been infected with black seo spam or malicious software

Defacement Detection

Get instantly alerted if your website is being defaced

OSINT Discovery

Scan for misconfigurations, sensitive paths etc, phishing

Software Fingerprinting

Search for outdated software & vulnerable apps

Incident Ticketing System

Manage your risks within one platform and team

Integration To SIEM

Send enriched data to SIEM, SOAR or logs management system

Instant Alerts

Recive Email, Slack alerts or through your in-house on-call alerting tools (PagerDuty etc.)

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