WebTotem and Drupal Companion to Enhance Websites Security

We are thrilled to announce that the WebTotem module became an added security layer to the Drupal platform, giving more than one million Drupal websites an opportunity to amplify their cyber security posture!

The WebTotem Security module for Drupal monitors websites and prevents website attacks with the help of special internal and external utilities. The WebTotem Drupal module can be found on the official Drupal Modules page. The shield icon indicates that stable releases for this project are covered by the Drupal security advisory policy.

Drupal is a free, open-source content management system with the 1.3 million members community. It’s used by millions of people and organizations around the globe to build and maintain their websites. Users value Drupal for its smooth content editor experience and flexibility in integration. You can add WebTotem functionality and customize your Drupal application in no time. 

WebTotem is the complex yet beautifully simple scanning system that 24/7 monitors enormous number of websites, compares them to the real-time database of vulnerabilities and malwares, and alerts users in time. Trusted by leading experts in cyber security industry and startup ecosystem, big enterprises, and even governments, WebTotem continuously identifies, monitors, and manages cyber security risks, becoming a go-to solution for every cautious website owner.  

Are you a proud Drupal user? Take an action today and add WebTotem Security module to your toolkit!

The WebTotem Drupal module can be found on the official Drupal Modules page.

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